Day 128: Catching up Leads to New Energy

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So last night I went to dinner with three of my lovely ladies from Pistachio.  We had a very nice catch-up over dinner and drinks at 7 West Cafe and enjoyed talking about everything that has happened in our lives since the store where we all met, closed.

I would quickly like to send out a huge CONGRATS to my girlfriend Jenn, who just got engaged.  I can’t express my joy enough for you and Alex!

The reason that this particular dinner was so energizing was because I left with a bunch of great energy, having heard about each persons highlights and getting excited to reminisce, and also, I ended up with a potential new retailer.  Time will tell, but there is a very real chance that Urban Minerals could be featured on an up and coming online retail website, and that is SO freaking excited I can’t even express myself here enough.  And by virtue of the fact that I was having dinner with such close girlfriends, I also got some awesome leads on various networkings, office space and design help, which has given me tons of new information to look into and explore.  WOO!

I think I will end today’s post here.  I have still so much left to do with my research, but thankfully, I get tomorrow off and I want to spend my whole day, working at it.  I’m thinking about waking up at 6am so that I can watch the sun rise.  I just love the morning time, and I really want to reset my internal clock to wake up earlier so I can feel more productive. Also, they say you should watch at least one sun rise a year, and while I’m at 4 or 5 by now, I still love sunrise in my neck of the woods, because the newly minted light shines in through my office windows.  Oooooh now I’m getting all jazzed for it!  Eeeek!

Wish me luck!