Day 131: A Sound of Music Reference & Juxtaposition

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So last night after finishing up my work at York, I met up for my first official working dinner with my girl Jen to have some drinks and talk some business.
In a nut shell, I’ve had to rethink a past partnership which as unfortunate as it may be, has opened me up to work with a wonderful new partner, simply through an act of fate.
I do believe that it’s normal and natural to find yourself having professional differences when it comes to specifics in any creative process.  And at times while it can be difficult to do so, saying goodbye, for the time being is important to the future success of that creative process.  I will say right now that I am open to working with the person in question in the future, just for now, that isn’t really possible.
So Jen and I sat down over some Jerk Shrimp, Fish Tacos, Conch Fritters and two Frulis (possibly the worlds girliest beers ever) and really set about talking specifics.  She and I have worked together in the past at Pistachio and it just so happens that she is also working for another startup called Brika an amazing new online hub for beautifully crafted, artisan wares that places the importance of centering your life around beauty, at the top (Uh hello! perfect!).  
Through her experience there, in a small team run dynamic and my experiences in my own startup process, we are able to synergistically meet in the middle to talk about the creative visuals for Urban Minerals.  Which is beyond exciting.  
This is nothing if not the most perfect opportunity to work with someone I adore and respect as a business woman, who is as invested in her own personal growth as she is in mine.  The ground rules are fairly simple.  We work together on this as though it were a consultative project and make sure that all of the visual aspects of Urban Minerals come to fruition the way that I’ve envisioned but with her sense of style and eye for design.  Even from our one meeting last night, I have gained so much insight and inspiration, that I feel as though yet again I’m being kicked into a next level of motivation.  
The only interesting thing about this whole thing is that it came about from the closing of one door. But you know how the saying goes…“When god closes a door, somewhere he opens a window.” (gosh I loved the Sound of Music growing up)  
I strongly believe that this is just meant to be.  
There are many times in our lives when things must happen in a certain way to set the stage for the new players that will come.  Perhaps you needed to feel a certain way, so that your mind could be in a certain place, to be honed by a certain journey and experience, to truly appreciate what comes next.  There will always be moments where you may feel a certain amount of regret, but in those moments, perhaps it would be prudent to remind yourself that there is always the power of juxtaposition - an incredible power to set your future success in perspective to what may have passed or almost passed in the past.  Essentially, to compare.  And that is a fortunate power indeed.
So with that I close today’s post with just the elicitation of joy! Joy at having reconnected with my girl, and having the power to move forward with so much perspective, motivation and momentum.  I can’t wait to move forward and see where that takes me next!