Day 133: Eco-Beauty Market LOVE

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So yesterday was the Eco-Beauty Market and I can’t wait to share with you guys everything that I learned.  Here we go!

First and foremost, the market is dedicated to environmentalism through beauty.  That being said, there are many levels and shades of environmentalism.  The most important in my books are a dedication to organic ingredients, sustainable packaging and business, and a philosophy that endeavours to keep working at it and innovating.  It’s always a key central tenet in my books to include these ideals into your business structure, because not only does it make you that much more ethical than conventional brands, but also in the eye of the consumer, it sets you apart, and raises you up.  And that is invaluable.
Which brings me to my 2 fave brands from yesterday. 
The first brand has to be the World products line started by Brian Phillips.  The brand itself started out as a salon which you can visit for an eco-treatment at 132 Adelaide St. East (gotta love Toronto based companies!)  I had originally gotten the chance to hear Mr. Phillips speak at the Green Living show, and I could feel his passion for aesthetics and beauty speak through his words and actions. I like the range of products because if you have a look at their ingredient lists, you will find that there aren’t any pesky preservatives, petro-chemicals or parabens that will enter your body unknowingly.  I really want to get my hands on the World Believe Head-to-Toe Skin and Hair Salve.  From the wonderful individuals at the Eco-Beauty Market yesterday, I can only benefit from it’s silky smoothing powers for my hair, and because it contains Rosehip seed oil (which I’m in love with) if used on the skin, it will have an amazing reparative, scar fading effect.  That sounds like a must have for the holidays!
The second brand which I found at the Eco-Beauty Market, was one that I’ve used, sold and enjoyed in the past.  Consonant is a brand created by Bill Baker, and has grown and thrived right here in Toronto.  If you want effective, high-powered and sensitive skin aware care, than this is so the line for you.  Right off the bat, I think it looks fabulous, and when you begin to you use it, you will see how quickly it works.  The product I have in mind is their just launched HydrExtreme serum that oh my god is freaking amazing.  This baby just won the 2012 Canadian Beauty Innovation Award, and that is an incredible feat alone.  Yesterday I got the chance to give it a try and saw for myself how lovely it made the back of my hand feel.  It has a short list of only two ingredients, one of which being organic certified and has been scientifically tested to last for 24 hours on the skin and packs more of a moisture punch than Hyaluronic acid, which currently stands as the beauty industry’s standard for the top of the line moisturizer.  If you head up to 2479 Yonge St. you will be able to find the cutest little button of a chic shop there, try out all sorts of fun, lightly scented, good for you products.  And by the way, I love their slogan - “what goes on your body, goes in your body.”
So after all that love, and awe, and knowledge gained, I feel so full of new energy and inspiration.  It also doesn’t hurt that I got my name on a contact list to potentially join the show in future and also got a contact to potentially do a spot of guest blogging!  How exciting!  After I got home last night, I proceeded to ride off that good energy and made myself an intensive to do list, and can’t wait to get down to checking off items!
I also just want to send out a quick thank you to Environmental Defence.  It is quite amazing what you are doing, for us all, and I love how the Eco-Beauty Market has grown and evolved.  I can only hope to see its continued growth and to one day be a part of it.  So THANK YOU!