Day 135: Choices & the One of a Kind Show

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So today I work at WFM for 8 hours and then I get to go home to do some research tonight.  I’ve decided that if research is going to be a main part of this journey than I may as well enjoy it and take it as it comes.  I’m going to go home tonight, brew myself a nice big cup of hot chocolate, tuck in with a warm blanket around me in my office and just slowly but surely work it until it’s all done.  I plan to do the same thing tomorrow too so that when I take my planned breaks tomorrow afternoon, I won’t be thinking about what I’ve been working on.
I may be going to the One of a Kind show tomorrow morning, but I’m not sure if I want to split my time even further just to go.  I did get a free ticket to go this year, so I would like to make the most of that opportunity, and I know that two of my sisters are going. 
Hmmm, decisions, decisions. 
I want to go to check out all of the exhibitors and meet with one of my friends who owns the lovely brand Lovefresh, which is a Toronto grown startup that features the most lovely, naturally scented body goodies you could imagine - think scrubs, lotions, body butters and hand soaps.  I love the line especially for the wide scent palate and revere Ms. Stacey Davis for having a wonderful nose - she did start out as a certified Aromatherapist after all. 
Going to the One of a Kind show would also give me the opportunity to meet the event coordinators and learn more about how to get Urban Minerals into the show.  That could potentially be super awesome. So I may go.  We will see.  If I do, I will report back.
Monday I also have the day off and I would like to mix all day.  Considering that my research is starting to come to a close, I would like to make the most of this fresh knowledge in my head and start to source the ingredients that I would like to mix with and then actually start on my final pass for my formula.  It’s an exciting time to say the least. 
November man, it’s been crazy so far.  I can only imagine how the rest of the month will go!