Day 136: Beauty Is Who you Are

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So today I came across this image.  

This statement sums up my beliefs surrounding beauty.  I would like to be able to spread this message as widely as possible.  Beauty my friends, comes from within, from a special place called your heart.  If you can dig down and shine some light on that place, it will glow out through your skin, nails, hair, face and beyond into your actions.  

Trust me on this one.

My favourite idea here is beauty is who you are.  I like that because it reminds us that we all have the same beauty within us, we just have to own it, to bring it out, to remember that it’s always there.  As long as you are growing as an individual and working towards your dreams you will sparkle and that beauty will too.  This is fairly simple reasoning, but again, trust me.  If I’ve learned anything, then that is simply that we are all beautiful, we are all amazing in some way and we all have to take what time we’re given here to actualize it.  It’s worth it.

It always reminds me of my Nani (my great-grandmother, who passed away exactly 10 years ago - today is her birthday.)  She was a woman who lived for her family, who despite living through many hardships, was still a beacon of warmth and love. 

Physical beauty was a thing of the past as I only knew her as an old woman, but her spirit was the part that always shone through.  Her kindness, her ability to make you smile, even though she barely spoke a word of English, all of her funny hand gestures, but most importantly her ability to love - those are the things that made her a beautiful human being.  

That’s what I can see for you too.

I believe that all of us, whether we are born with what are considered “normal” ideals of beauty, have the ability to let our own beauty shine.  As the picture above shows, beauty does grow.  If you can look into the eyes of your mother, or your grandmother and see within her, beauty, and recognize that that is whats passed down, through the ages and through you, and you yourself also possess the same things, than I believe it is your right to work it, to light it up.  Make no mistake that it’s there.  It is.

And with that, I’m off to continue working it out with my research, and then in an hour I go to the cemetery with my sister and nephew to say a prayer and remember this beautiful woman who made a huge impact in my life.  I’m glad to share her with you too.

Have a good day everyone, and whether your alone, with friends or family take the time to enjoy them.