Day 137: REsolve

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Good Monday morning everyone!

Today is my day off this week, and I really want to spend it working hard on Urban Minerals.  There is a lot I want to accomplish so in today’s approach to getting my productivity hat (because everyday is different) I am going to do some mad time blocking.  

The idea is to not even think about touching my email or social media for the entire morning and I want to spend the next hour doing some research.  After that I’m going to switch gears and mix a light coloured foundation.  After that is done I need to call the Canadian Youth Business Foundation and set up an appointment as well as the Toronto Business Development Centre.  And then after that I need to call my cell phone provider and see about getting myself an upgrade and new plan.

These are important items on my master to do list because come December I am moving forward full force with my plans to write my business outline and get moving on grant writing proposals.  They will each individually and collectively contribute to the whole in profound ways.

In the afternoon, I am hoping to continue my research and just cycle through reviewing ingredients and my mix for the day.  By days end, I would like to give myself some time because tomorrow I have my WFM work holiday party and I need to do my nails and be all ladylike. 

So what’s my productivity strategy?  Time blocking of course.  And in this version of time blocking, I’m also erradicating the things that I know will personally derail me if I give them more than a minutes notice (yes I’m talking about you gmail, facebook, twitter and youtube - we’re no longer friends until 12:01 pm.)

At this stage in the game I’m finished playing games and I just want to get my sense of accomplishment back up to where I’m comfortable having it.  I also have limited time because this week is going to be a bit heavier what with work and social commitments.  In fact that’s every week, but for the next 8 months I can’t really expect to launch my dream business - Urban Minerals - and goof off.

So resolve, it’s me and you baby.  Let’s do this!