Day 142: Snow Falling, Mixing it Up & Business Mapping

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Happy December Everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying the light snowfall that happened overnight right here in Toronto.  It’s so beautiful out and it just lends itself perfectly to today’s post about December.  As much as I distinctly dislike being cold, there is just something about snow and snowfall that puts me into the best mood.  Like last night, as I was walking to the subway with my groceries, and the snow was falling, and things were so quiet in Yorkville, I felt really peaceful and as though I had stepped out of Whole Foods and into a winter wonderland.  Amazing!

And so when I woke up today, my mind was set.  I want to take all of the knowledge that I gathered so meticulously in November, and move forward this December with my plan to mix things up.  

Since I did my year long meditation back on 11/11, I have been thinking forwards to December and how I would like to feel during this month.  For me, the biggest things that came up were mixing, moving forward with my planning and feeling a sense of accomplishment.  So, as now is always the best time to get started, I’m going to put it out there that I’m going to mix my perfect foundation formula this month and also begin the task of writing a full fledged business plan with the end result of applying to various grant programs in mind.

The formulation and re-formulation process have already begun and it’s now just a matter of buying and mixing with all of the wonderful ingredients that I would like to incorporate.  A simple task and yet a big one too.  I can’t wait.  

And the business plan, well that’s a whole other beast.  If you can tell, I enjoy writing, a lot.  Everyday I find it easy to put my thoughts out there to you, because I have a natural sense of flow that happens when my blog ideas come to me.  A business plan however, is a bit different.  It’s a bit more structured and a lot less for the sake of creativity.  

Back in April and May I attended an 8 week business seminar, and enjoyed learning about all different aspects of building a successful business.  One of those ideas surrounded the idea of writing a business plan.  What my teacher had actually said was that instead of writing a full-out business plan, one might benefit more from a Busines Model Canvas, which in effect is a far more fluid approach to a business plan.  One simply maps out the Key Partners, Key Activities, Value Propositions, Customer Relationships, Customer Segments, Key Resources, Channels, Cost Structures and Revenue Streams in a manner that is complementary to an evolving business.  While this is a worthwhile endeavour, I believe that at this point, I can grow and distill the points that I mapped out months ago, to a clean presentation of how I envision my business.  Here’s a picture of that map now.

If you are at the point in your business where you’re managing many things all at once, what are your keys to successfully doing so without losing your cool.  For me right now, I’m balancing my working on different fronts with some Sisters time this afternoon, as I’m going over to my big sister Leah’s house to have a crafting day and do some baking.  I just know it will be another opportunity to talk about my business and gain some good perspective from the 3 most important women in my life.  Cheerio!

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