Day 146: Core Values that Get you Moving

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

My, my.  What a busy day.  

Today I had my New Member Orientation at Whole Foods, and throughout, I felt so inspired.  It dawned on me not long ago that there are so many new ideals for business that are slowly but surely becoming the norm, and I am happily looking to follow that trend.  

Those ideals have a lot to do with best practices regarding sustainability, conscious sourcing or rather fair trade, and equitable treatment from production to consumption.  It`s those ideas and also so much more.  Not to be too much of a WFM fan, I have to say that they`ve done a very good job with their core values.  

They are:

- Selling the highest quality natural and organic products available

- Satisfying and delighting our customers

- Supporting team member happiness and excellence

- Creating wealth through profits & growth

- Caring about our communities & our environment

- Creating ongoing Win-Win partnerships with our suppliers

- Promoting the health of our stakeholders through healthy eating education

It is these ideals that I would like to work through because I know that they have a long history of success.  Some of the most successful companies are modeled after other successful companies, and in my situation, I do believe I would benefit by taking a leaf out of their book.

The ideas that most interest me are for obvious reasons satisfying and delighting my eventual customers, caring about our communities and environment, selling the highest quality organic product available, creating wealth through profits & growth, supporting team member happiness & excellence (just me right now, but I do support myself!) and creating ongoing win-win partnerships with suppliers.  I believe that these strongly reflect who I am as a person and the kind of world that I want to see flourish.  I believe that using these ideas as starting points can only lead me to a place where I want to go.  

So let me ask.  Is there any company that you love simply because you love what the stand for? That you feel inspired by?  Let me know in the comments!