Day 148: Stumbling Into Greatness

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So last night, as I conducted some research on my business plan, I stumbled upon this term, Social Purpose Business

According to the CYBF, The Canadian Youth Business Foundation, a social purpose business is “the utilization of entrepreneurial principles to organize, mobilize and manage a for-profit business that has a social mission at its core and the goals of creating both economic and social value." 

Cool, right?

I believe that this is the perfect way to describe Urban Minerals.  No matter how you want to slice it, the fact remains that Urban Minerals is a company dedicated to offering mineral makeup.  But, as the definition above would imply, its also a business with a twist.  If you scroll down right now, you’ll see a picture I found on the CYBF website that shows exactly where a social purpose business falls on the sliding scale of businesses, a scale that has a more political way of viewing them.  Social purpose businesses fall in the middle, a wonderful indicator of just how each kind is motivated.

While as an entrepreneur I am motivated by the thought of bringing in income, what motivates me more is the idea of helping women, people really.  Urban Minerals will be offering a wide range of colours that are specifically catered to women of ALL colours, who want to wear organic makeup that goes a long way to help heal their skin.  This I believe is an awesome platform to raise all sorts of questions about beauty practices and race, empowerment of women and environmental activism.  I’m not just trying to make a quick buck.  I want to connect with women on a personal level and help to achieve a better view of our skin, our bodies, our environment and our society. 

And, because I stumbled upon this information on the CYBF website, I think I will most likely be using their business plan model, while using their business plan writing tool, a free interactive online tool that helps you to include everything you need, while maintaining a customized feel.  I have a REALLY GOOD feeling about it.  I don’t know how to stress that more in type, so just take my word for it.

Which brings me to today’s question.  What tools, research or cool ideas have you stumbled upon during your startup process?  And if you’re not in the same position as me, then what’s the best resource you’ve ever had fall into your lap while you were doing research for school lets say?  Sometimes the easiest solutions are also the most effective.  Let me know, I love hearing your comments here on the blog, on twitter @Urban_Minerals, or in the interwebs at