Day 149: Progress Report from The Universe

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

At times I find it almost repetitively difficult to view Sunday as the beginning of the week because its always been associated with relaxation for me. I’m sure you can relate. So being as it is the first official day of every week I want to take today to measure some progress for the month so far.

While research continues on in my world, what with ingredients, business planning, mixing and grant proposals coming up I still feel a continuation of various interests abounding. It’s so far been quite good for me because this month I’ve really started reaching out to more of my friends for help and that has proved quite successful.

Beginning December, I put out my intention to work with a top notch designer. It was the first time Ive ever put it out there “publicly” that I wanted help too via facebook, email and talking to friends to see if anyone knew someone or had an awesome friend of a friend. When I made the specific request of the Universe I made sure to mention that I wanted to work with someone talented, organized, intuitive and commited which I do believe has a lot to do with the awesome outcome I’ve gotten. Being really sure of what you want and asking for only that will inevitably bring you just that, no exceptions. But I digress.

So when I checked my Facebook back on the 3rd I was happily surprised to find an amazing inbox message from a friend of mine who as it happens I lived down the hall from in first year residence. The message was an affirmation for all the things I was looking and asking for and just filled me with so much joy because she also included a link to her personal website portfolio. Needless to say I spoke to her on the phone on Friday and I meet with her this coming Sunday hopefully to begin the task of doing a total design overhaul. The best part is that she is totally confident that all of the things I want to do and accomplish by my launch date, June 21st 2013, will get done. I am overjoyed!

So for the next week I endeavour to continue all of my projects, make some real headway on my mixes, and prepare for my upcoming meeting!

So just keep in mind if you put it out there, ask for what you really want, are specific and believe that it will happen, it will! Take this first day of the week to make it happen.