Day 151: A Quick Reminder for 12/12/12

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Today is a very interesting day. After all it is 12/12/12 a moment in time which we will never see again. From most accounts I’ve heard, it’s a moment to really just send out some positivity into the world and to make your intent to visualize a happier, more cohesive planet, something which I believe can be done quite easily.

I like to think about positivity in these terms. So let me put out a few points that remind me of happy moments that I’ve experienced, times where I’ve personally felt reassured and my faith in humanity restored in this year of 2012. Lehh go!

My faith in humanity is restored when I see people give up their seat on the bus or hold open a door for a complete stranger; when I see another car move over a lane on the highway so I can get off the on-ramp smoothly and enter high speed traffic; my faith is restored when I have a friend come through for me on a favour or I get unprompted manners from a toddler; my faith is restored when a customer needs my help and after I help him or her, they appreciates the service, heck my faith is restored even when having a nice conversation with a person in line for something, you know the kind where you really connect and then when you part, you know you’ll never see that person again but feel better for just that simple moment in time (awesome feel good factor here!) Despite these ideas being small, they do ramp up to bigger ideas of humanity. They remind me that what we’re all experiencing are the precursors to kindness, common courtesy, communication and love. And those things being the outcome are a nice little reminder that we’re all on the right path. Even if you don’t get all those courtesies every day, just know that you have had them in the past and you have many more coming to you in the future.

So for now, in this present moment, enjoy that today is 12/12/12 a day to realize that you can send that positivity out into the world too.

Now’s the time people!