Day 151: Learning to Live in the Now

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Working today has been long but good. I feel good when I can accomplish a lot and that is in direct correlation to how productive I feel my day is. I often wonder how others feel about their work day. Successful today? Crappy? Feeling interested? Meh? It all just reminds me that while right now this is what I’m doing, in the very near future that is all set to change and I can and should feel awesome about the now, right now.

It’s like that idea of happiness being a destination when in reality its actually the journey. I can either choose to focus so totally on the future that I forget about the now or I can make my time now count, and really feel every moment as it washes over me. I choose this moment.

So tell me, what are your best tactics for living in the moment? For keeping happiness at the fore? I would love to know so shoot me a comment right here or tweet me @Urban_Minerals. All your thoughts are appreciated!