Day 152: Epic Shooting Stars and Reflections

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So today I’m 30 days away from being at the halfway mark in this year long startup process. I think that having the awareness to recognize that while I’m not quite where I want to be at the halfway point yet I am getting there slowly but surely.

On days like today, when my energy is flagging a bit and customers are far less inspiring than usual, I’m just happy to reflect on how my life is unfolding. I know that in my heart of hearts that everything will eventually align and what I’m working towards will be ready. I know that in the eyes of my higher self I am on the right path and feeling doubtful of that path is absolutely normal and what’s more, important to my continued growth. And I know that in my inner eye I do see my success slowly coming towards me in just the way that I am consistently visualizing it. These are all wonderful reminders that help me to feel better when thing don’t go my way.

And also I get to remind myself that I saw the most epic starlight, fireworks show EVER, last night. I went out with Jesse and we sat under the stars, bundled in blankets to watch the most brilliant meteor shower I’ve ever seen. In the span of 3 hours I would say we saw at least 50 shooting stars! And in that same span of time we really did enjoy each others company and just talked about all sorts of different stuff. How enjoyable! It was truly epic and something I’m over the (new) moon about because it makes everything else feel better. No worries, just stars. That was definitely what I needed and now I can go home to continue my work.

As the days continue on and I get closer to that halfway point I really want to continue to feel good about the decisions I’m making now and empowered about the progress that’s underfoot. I want to feel awesome by day 182 so that means more work for now, but on something that I’m so passionate about, just means that yes it won’t be easy but it can definitely be enjoyable. I can afford to treat myself to some self-praise and relaxation from time to time. And hey, It is the christmas/holiday season after all! So I won’t let myself feel bad when I come up against my limit. Thank goodness for self-reflexive practice.