Day 153: The Pen or the Keyboard?

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

I grabbed my trusty business bible notebook last night to jot down some ideas and mete out my mission statement only to realize that there has been a fundamental change in my life as a writer. Having spent each one of the last 153 days writing on a computer, and countless days before that in school and in life writing electronically, I have now crossed some invisible line where the act of writing by hand has become alien to me. I don’t have the same flow that I used to and I feel startled at this particular change.


Because as most writers, I’ve often taken the cheapest and easiest route to getting my thoughts out of my head. That route used to be grab a pen and paper and now merely involves my two thumbs and my phone or a key board that I’ve internalized and memorized completely. I know it sounds odd to mention it, but does this feeling of change mean that my days forging my penmanship skills are obsolete? What a weird thought.

I don’t want to be the last generation of letter writers as my generation has been looked down upon as, so I endeavour to keep my skill up to par. I can’t say that I’ll relinquish any ties to technology, because it is my media of choice but I do want to keep the vestiges of a era past and maintain my allegiance to the pen, my sword. Or is it now the keyboard, my mallet? Lol who knows. Either way I guess I’m harping on about nothing, but perhaps you can understand?

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve found that particular transition in your life to be a weird one. I love hearing your stories!