Day 155: The Path of Most Light Revisited

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Today as a short recap, was pretty good. I went with my family to pick out our. Christmas tree and put it up and got a promotion at work that I am considering right now! If I accept, I would become the new Body Care Buyer for my department, a choice I’m not taking lightly at all.

I have a lot to think about and consider and thankfully I’m using my “path of most light concept” to help me through this decision point (thinking through each path and deciding which one lights up the most is a useful method in determining which one might be best for you.) Tomorrow morning I will go in early to shadow the current buyer to decide whether I want to take on the role. Obviously what concerns me the most are the degree to which my energy will be tapped and how I will be able to juggle the new responsibilities with my current Urban Minerals workload. I’m also really optimistic about the potential benefits too, because I can foresee there being a lot of new contacts and business experience on the job that could prove invaluable. In either case, I will think carefully and then go for the right fit for me.

Lets hope it all goes well. Stay tuned for an update tomorrow!