Day 156: Body Care Buyer!

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So today was what you could call a whirlwind of information. I was graciously given the day to shadow /train with the current Body Care Buyer, Robyn, as I decided whether or not I wanted to assume her role as buyer. In case your reading for the first time, this was a particularly large decision to make considering that I am launching my first line of organic loose mineral foundations called Urban Minerals on June 21st, 2013. With my time further split between a soon to be more intensive job and the startup requirements I still have left, which mind you are considerable, I was worried that my energy might be the first to be depleted.

However, that doesn’t seem to be the case so far. The day began early at 8, and I helped to scan and order all the items in the section, got a crash course in the ordering systems (plural) and then dealt with vendors, ordering issues and discrepancies and still had lots of laughs and a great time while at it.

Upon emerging from the back office, where the back end buying duties are taken care of, I formally accepted the job and felt really, really good about my decision.

And an awesome thing happened right before I went to let my Team Leader know. Robyn, albeit playfully, transferred her “buying energies” to me, which actually did feel like a cool transfer of energy. No word of a lie, but I started to feel more confident with just that simple act. It felt like just a warmth of good vibes rushed in through our handshake and even if you don’t believe in things such as this, there’s no denying my major increase of positivity.

So now comes the task of really taking in as much information as possible, because Robyn’s official last day is in just over a week. I’m a pretty resilient cat so I’m going to take each day as it comes and thankfully I have great support from the other women on the team and a close friend of mine who was the buyer at my old store.

I will as always, continue to report on all of these happenings and with particular emphasis eventually on how juggling full time employment and a startup goes and what a transition to full time business would look like.

Lets me just finish by saying that you never know how the future is going to look. You may be surprised that if you inject enough positivity and enthusiasm into your everyday work and make the most of what you’re given, you can and will succeed. Go for it!