Day 19: Relax, it's OK

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Happy Sunday everyone!

Sundays always seem to have an interesting energy to them. On one hand you have a second weekend day to luxuriate in but on the other you have the looming inevitability of Monday and the rest of your work week.

It can be tough therefore to actually get the enjoyment out of it that you deserve. I think  that sometimes we’re all a bit guilty of not being able to fully commit to relaxation and down-time, something I know that I need to continually work on. The work week is full of constant activity and even the weekend days too but Sunday has a way of giving you the opportunity to leave all of that behind for just a moment.

Stressing over what's coming, what needs getting done and planning for the next steps is opposite to making you feel good about yourself.  In fact it becomes super difficult to achieve a sense of fulfillment when we’re always anxious about what we didn’t get to.

This is why I highly suggest giving yourself a break.  When you do so you give your brain, body and emotions the space to relax and you definitely start to alleviate some of the pressure, stress and anxiety.  Research has shown that taking the time to relax is chock full of benefits (motivation, attention span, self-esteem) and can actually boost creativity by allowing us to listen to our inner selves and intuition in a way that gives us more time and space to think broadly about what we want.

So yes, today make it about you, and your need to take time out.  Relax, rejuvenate and recharge!  You will thank yourself.