Day 20: Passion and Commitment

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Today I did a bit of pavement pounding to find a new job…Yes, that’s right, I went and handed out resumes.  Even as an entrepreneur, I recognize that I still need a job, and that that job is a life line that will keep me afloat while I actively work towards my own goals.  So with much determination I went out and worked it.  In the act of doing so I came to a few conclusions.

Firstly, I came to the realization that I need to work in an atmosphere that is in line with my own morals and ethics and that no longer can I work just for the sake of a pay cheque.  Where I work has everything to do with my own personal success, because I want to feel energized when I go to work, not drained and defeated.  If I feel good about what I’ve spent 8 hours of my day doing, then I know that I will continue in that same energy with my own work.  It’s a Win-Win situation.  

Secondly, I’m not so naive as to believe that I can do this on what I have saved or borrowed without feeling some regret.  Yes, I am working towards applications for grants and financing, but those are not options that I want to exhaust before I feel stable myself.  And there ain’t no shame in sayin’ it either.

And thirdly, there is nothing wrong with not having everything figured out right now.  If I’m honest with you and myself, than I have to admit that I’m not perfect and I don’t have all my ducks in a row.  There are tons of things that I’ve done wrong, and lots of what I want to do can’t be done yet because I don’t have the means.  But that definitely won’t be stopping me.  It’s called Perseverance. 

When I first embarked on this journey seriously, I called a meeting with a fellow business owner to pick his brain a bit about this whole entrepreneur thing.  And, through that I got the best possible piece of advice I could have been given.  He said,

“To be a successful entrepreneur you need two things, Passion and Commitment”

I’ve got Passion in droves.  I could talk about Minerals and Makeup and Green Beauty all day and night and not get bored, I can research for hours and just feel inspired to act and I love just browsing health food aisles and Green Beauty sections of my favourite stores forever, just gaining more and more love and appreciation for all the good that others are doing.

I’ve also found that I have the commitment too.  It’s just a matter of tapping into it and recognizing what that means for me in my own life.  It’s never going to look like what other people call commitment because it’s a personal journey and you’re never going to feel like you’re normal because that doesn’t exist either.

So the next time you feel judged because you don’t feel like you match up to others your age or you don’t know if you’re doing things right, or hell you’re like me and you want to start your own business but you don’t have the money right now to do it, just remind yourself of what really matters.

Passion and Commitment   

Also have a look at the infographic below, to see a bit more of what I mean.