by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Day 21: Lightning and Thunder, oh my!

Right now I’m sitting in my office trying to write this post for the day and all I can think about is what is going on outside of my windows – torrential downpour and the loudest, most violent lightning and thunder I’ve ever seen and heard.

It’s not often that I get scared by simple storms, and in fact when I was a kid I loved them so much I would try to get outside and run around in the rain. But today, I took a quick break and went to sit out on my front porch and was actually physically frightened by the sheer ferocity of the thunder.


I kind of enjoyed it though. I think sometimes in life you do need a shock to the system as a means to reset yourself. I did my thing this morning in full-on work mode, researching, planning and strategizing and then the rain tore through da place and now here I am. I don’t feel overworked, because I was given a break and quite the show and now feel like I can get back to workin’ it out.

So thanks Mother Nature, as always, for snapping me out of my head in the most perfect way.

PS. Check out the video I took while I was sitting outside trying to keep my cool lol