Day 3: Cosmic coincidence

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

I like how life kind of sets you up for success sometimes in the most sneaky of ways.  Ways that you never would have engineered yourself, but come to you naturally anyways.  Particularly I’m talking about the most lucrative business relationship in my life today.

Right now I’m working closely with my friend Ms. Rebecca Arboly, a wonderfully talented visual communicator.  How did we meet?  High school!  That’s right folks, we met back in the days of awkward, existential crises, does he like me or not, high school goodness. 

We were the type of friends who stayed on each other’s peripheries pretty well throughout university and once or twice ran into each other.  The kind of run-ins you have where you’re genuinely interested in what the other person is doing but you’re from totally different circles and never find the time to meet up and so it stays that way. 

Until… you get the bright idea to start your own company and rack your brain for a designer and into your head pops’ your dear friend from high school who always had an eye for wicked design aka the Universe dropping a creative time bomb into your lap.

Take my morning meeting today for example.  I sat down with Rebecca for what I thought would just be a routine progress meeting.  We ended up coming to a great winding up for something that we’ve been working together on for the last month and a half, got to take action on some important next steps for Urban Minerals web stuff and still had time to enjoy free Starbucks Refreshers…amazing.   

So here I am writing in literal awe of circumstances.  I get to work alongside someone that I’ve known for almost 10 years, who I respect and trust and who does amazing work.  When the time ripens, the situation manifests and gives way to something way more fun than any of us could personally engineer.

So keep your eyes and ears open for all of the good the Universe has to offer people, I mean it!