Day 36: Decide

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So now that I have a wicked new job I have come to a clear decision point.  In my willingness to try anything new and to seek out adventure in my life and business I have to rectify my own feelings about needing a job.  If you head back a week or so here, you will see that I don’t believe that I can launch a business on my own dime therefore meaning that I am going to be upfront about wanting and needing a job more in line with my own morals and ethics.  Check.  Now that that’s done, what’s next? In others words, now that I have the job, i.e. the funds for this operation, how do I keep going from here? 

I’m truthfully really excited to be starting this full time job because I’ll be doing something I love - helping guide people to make conscientious decisions without compromising on who they are and looking fabulous.  I love the dual nature of guidance and teaching because it’s where I think my personal strengths come out to play.  

But with the full time aspect of course , comes the changes in how I can theoretically and practically split up my time and spend it.  I don’t have nearly as much time as I did before, but that is a good thing because isn’t all of life one big time management test?  

I guess what I’m trying to get at belatedly here is why do I feel some trepidation?  I guess I can answer that question with another.  Don’t we all feel afraid when we come upon some brand new, never experienced, utterly outside of ourselves thing that asks us to challenge ourselves over and over?  I’m not afraid of learning new material or expanding my conceptions of green beauty.  What I’m afraid of, I guess is losing my focus and allowing myself to run aground, or take time away from Urban Minerals.

I guess by writing those words turns that statement into more of a promise.  A promise to you that I won’t do those things.  I will learn and grow along with the job and that will in turn help me to learn and grow and further develop my product knowledge and skills.   And like I said before, and I will say it again, this bad boy is evolving ten-fold and that’s a wonderful process, something that I want to ride the wave right along with.  Maybe I should take up surfing.

So, here’s to taking the steps now that the decision has been made. I can’t let myself get caught up in the fear of the new, because truthfully I relish the new.  I’m frightened only in the same way that we’re all just a little bit afraid of the dark or not knowing whats behind us.  A silly, irrational fear that goes away once you shine some light on it…