Day 41: Oh Snap, It's the REAL DEAL

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So Today, I went to WFM for my very first training in what they call, “Hit the Ground Running” training.  And I’ve come to the realization that this place is da bomb.  (Not da bomb like, crap get out the way, but da bomb like, holy shit what have I been doing with my life???)

I won’t bore you with the specifics, but there is one thing I would like to point out as the reason why Whole Foods has it going on.  They’re compassionate.  They care you about me, as an employee, and you, as a consumer, about the plants and animals that contribute their lives to make us healthier and about the environment in general, how to put back into it what we take out of it.  They actually directed me to greet returning customers as if they’re walking into a party.  HEY, What’s up?!

AND they’re a freaking corporation…?

How does this happen?  My mind is literally boggled… 

This experience, even as of day 1, has literally revolutionized my way of thinking about publicly traded, giant corporations.  I wish you could all come along, sit in my pocket, and hear about all of the wonderful things going on here because it would change how you think about your food, a lot, and if you’re on the start up track like me, then your businesses too.

From a business standpoint then, there is a lot to consider.  Of course I want to make people happy, that’s my number 2, right under helping them, but beyond that I want people to feel like I’m taking care of them, and that I care about them.  That I listen to them, and want to be there for them.  That is revolutionary, when it should just be common sense…  

In a world that values value, than you have to realize that business can’t just be a series of competitive transactions, but that it’s now compulsory to show that you have preemptively come up with the reasoning behind the why, and that why better be answered in turn with a certain level of altruism.  That will bring you in more sales than you could imagine and endear people to you as well.  In other words, service the shit outta your customers.

In any case, I’m getting more and more excited therefore for tomorrow, the day that I have my first official day on the floor, learning all about new Green Beauty products and vitamins, supplements and tinctures.  Some new, some old and some just plain out of my comfort zone, but hey there’s no reason to worry, because now I know, without a doubt, that I will be taken care of.  What a wonderfully refreshing feeling.

So here’s to you Whole Foods