Day 42: Fuel for the Mitochondrial Furnaces

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So today was my first official day on the floor at WF, and I gotta say, wow.  There was so much new, so much information and so much to memorize that my brain kind of feels like its about to burst - but thankfully only in the same way that I can’t put down my favourite books.  Am I a keener?

Much like the picture above, I feel like a candle that has burnt low.  I feel tired after standing up for 9 hours but my soul and spirit are alive and well.  They transcend my feet to a place that makes them - me - feel so…something.

I wish I could explain to you everything that I learned today, how probiotics and enzymes work, why some of us need to take Folic acid while others would be better suited to Magnesium…And explain how good it felt to be able to work with customers on finding makeup and green beauty products that they would love.  A wonderful sense of warmth started up and it’s not going out anytime soon.

Alas, my candle is glowing right now but dimly, somewhere it’s also searching for the strength to reignite the fuel that’s hidden out of sight, silent and ready to pounce on the game again tomorrow.  And, much like the candles above, I feel like I’m melding and joining in with something much greater than myself.  

Each experience today was unique in its own way and I gotta say that so far the people that I’ve encountered have imbued me with such kindness, sweetness and laughter that I have no choice but to convert that sugar into fuel…Oh god, I think it’s all starting to sink in…

I will take each day from now on to move my mind in ways that I didn’t know it could move and to fuel the mitochondrial furnaces responsible for all of this brain power to never stop moving.  Not for me or for you…