Day 45: Back to life, Back to Reality

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So yesterday I was all “25 is gonna be amazing and I’m gonna be amazing, and my business is gonna be amazing.”  Which now in the light of day kind of feels…hmmmm.  In my post-birthday euphoria wind-down I definitely was able to distill those ideas down to the ones that actually ring true to me. 

Let me also preface today’s post with the adjunct that I received a copy of Eric Ries’s “The Lean Startup.”  My initial optimism could definitely be attributed to the fact that I was on a energetic high about life.  And while I do still maintain that I feel pretty badass whenever I remember that I own Urban Minerals, the reality of the situation remains that I don’t have a workable business model yet, nor do I have any revenue coming in to support all of this whimsical meanderings about Quarter Life Crises, etc.

I’m not getting down on myself, I just don’t want you, my audience, to feel as though I think I’m above you in any way.  That’s not what this whole enterprise is about.  I want you to feel like you and I are on par, that you have everything in your pockets that I do in mine, and those key essential ingredients can take you on a wonderful ride - just like me.  I think if you really want it bad enough too, then your motivation can become an endless power source.  But here I go again meandering.

I think that knowledge without practical application is useless, which is why I want to give “The Lean Startup” a review, once I’ve finished reading it, and also tell you about how it has or will inform any decisions I make regarding the lovely Urban Minerals.  I also want to keep myself on track, because, and this is a BIG because, I too can feel myself get derailed every once in a while.  I know what my purpose is, I just sometimes get that overwhelmed, tired feeling that makes me want to lie down.  Thankfully, I have a wonderful support group surrounding me that will either serve me in two ways: tell me I’m awesome and keep going, or just be there and act as the visible reminders as to why I want to succeed, to prove these people that they’re right in believing in me.

25 is the milestone it is because it’s the midpoint between early 20’s and late 20’s the (real) cusp (in my opinion) of adulthood and the maturation (hopefully) of the self.  It’s where sh*t gets real.  I know for me, turning 25 also brings up reminders that I’m no longer just a kid with dreams.  I can, do and will have to continue to work hard for the things that I want.  Quarter Life Crisis or not, I’m going to take my idealism and add a dash (or handful) of realism to keep me going forward.

In any case, I still do think that 25 is going to be an awesome year, that it will have it’s own challenges, but overall I’m just lucky to be alive and well, and here, everyday, getting the chance to put my love for all things green and beautiful out there for you to see.