by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Day 47: Catch, Burn and Release

So the month of August has thus far been very productive for me and along with that productivity, there have been a few campfires. The most recent of which was last night at a birthday party. Of course fires are wonderful to sit around and share stories but I also love the symbolism of the fire because of how it can help move it’s environment on into a next stage of life.

In university, I learned about different cultivation techniques that all cultures around the world use to prepare the land. The one that stands out the most to me is slash and burn which is typically used in South American countries where it is the most effective method to clear the land and ensure fertility of the soil. This process also happens naturally in nature too, where the dryness of the land can ignite and spur seeds in hibernation into the their sprouting phase.

Likewise, I feel the same way. So many various events have come together, to provide kindling, the heat of the summer and the ignition of the simple act of registering Urban Minerals as a business has culminated in the force that will help me to release old patterns in my life, and spur me into this next year of sprouting that will turn this idea into tangible and beautiful results.

Sparks will always fly in life, but that too is a natural process and I want to affirm that I welcome the good and the bad into my life as necessary for more fuel.