Day 5: The French Braided life

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So today marks the day that my sister’s French boyfriend Guillaume, moves out after having lived with us for the last month and a half.  It has been a fun time and a lot of work for him and my sister because of the sheer amount of work that goes into moving to a new country - to stay.  Something that I’m sure has made this transition better is the presence of fine wines coming from his new job at Hillebrand Winery.  Almost daily there’s a new wine to taste test and this is generally accepted as necessary for efficacy purposes… ;) 

All of this movement sparked a connection in my mind when my sister Krissy comes to me and asks me to French braid her hair.  A seemingly inane task, but as life would have it, filled to the brim with symbolism.  

A French braid in its entirety weaves together hair from different parts of the head and channels them for a greater purpose.  That purpose is usually to keep hair out of your face and in place but to me can be extrapolated to reality.

In my life today, I can look at that braid and really see a common thread for what I’m going through.  My life is somehow too being French braided and the guiding forces are busy picking up the strands from different areas of my life and setting them into place one by one.  A fascinating process to be sure - one that will end with me looking and feeling totally different.

So here’s to the French for two of their greatest inventions - fine Wine and French braids and a Bon Voyage! to Gui - Enjoy your new digs in Wine Country!