Day 52: Takin' a Break

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Down time? 

I’m being told that it’s just as important as the time you put in.  

Could this be true?

I think it may actually be true.  Somehow, this, drinking a glass (or two) of wine, and eating melty cheese on toast and watching semi-decent televisions, feels good.  But part of me is looking for permissions, from somewhere.  And part of me knows that the only permission that matters is from myself.  So why am I holding myself back?

In reality, all professions take breaks.  Take the word of my good friend Beau.  She says that just like pro athletes, we all deserve down time so that we can, just like pro athletes, recuperate, or in other words, give ourselves a variety of different stimuli.  

If this is true, which I have a feeling that it may be, than am I doing the right thing?  It is Friday night, and I am only in my mid-twenties…(weird)…ahh what the hell.  Here’s to a night where I just focus on what’s really important.  Living my life.

(Tomorrow I’ll be back with something truly inspirational for you though…)