Day 53: September is Gonna Rock your socks

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Happy September!

So today was a day of adventure. I got the day off from Whole Foods, so I drove myself up to East Gwillimbury to hang out for the day and kicked around a few novel ideas about business practices and spirituality. I believe that in a business you have to work extremely hard, diligently and towards specific goals to be able to find success. That in turn can translate into all manner of abundance.

What is abundance?

Well abundance is the influx of new contacts, fortuitous situations and connections that somehow lead you to following a path to more abundance, like big money. This is kinda awesome.

In life and in your proffesional life as well the the only way to go about bringing in more abundance, is to put as much positivity as you can muster into it and work away at it every day until you feel the way you want to feel. That’s kinda awesome too.

So ready? We ’re going to do this together. Look at your business as an adventure challenge, like scaling a high ropes set at sleep away camp or playing manhunt at night with friends. It can be fun and silly with good laughs and also hard work, but in the end it will feel amazing when you get where you always knew you belonged. I’m going to take September as a detox month and try to instill as many good habits as I can (like writing everyday) and meditate on where I should go next with Urban Minerals current beta formula for Loose Mineral foundation. To me, that’s going to be and interesting process and I kinda can’t wait for what things will look like at the end of the month…

So just know that I’m sending you positive vibes and I have a really good feeling about what you’re going to produce too!

Let’s go!