Day 54: Detoxing with Dr. Emoto

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

As a result of my plans to detox for the month of September, I’ve decided to introduce some radical new ideas into life.  Being surrounded by people who are quite health conscious at WF, I definitely have a lot of support to make this time worthwhile.  So for example, I decided to cut back on the amount that I spent today.  I didn’t buy lunch (opting instead to sample the free food they put out around the store, lol) and I started to look for healthy alternatives to what I’ve been eating and drinking.  Primarily, I started with a Rise Kombucha, which is a fermented tea drink that is rich in nutrients, has our daily amounts of enzymes and probiotics, is organic, raw and anti-bacterial and which I can honestly say is the best thing to get me on track with my body today.

Mentally, I just tried to keep my focus on treating all of my customers with respect and really listen to them, something even I can forget about being vigilant of when stress is running high.  But today, I managed to fly through every situation, happy to just bounce around the section and talk to people.  My highlight for the day was when I helped a girl find a new concealer, blush and kabuki brush, because I felt like I was exercising my favourite knowledge about why certain ingredients are good for you and your skin and what looks fabulous on your face.  

On a spiritual level, I also got to talking about ways to help my body that are not necessarily limited to the visible.  In particular, I’m referencing Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work on waters crystalline structural differences as influenced by all sorts of introduced words.  According to his research, Emoto discovered that once water that had had a word imprinted on it (by writing it on its glass container or even spoken to it in prayer form, etc.) was frozen, its crystal structures seemed to radically change.  Words like hate and fear, deformed the water into ugly, even scary looking crystals, and words like love and compassion allowed the water to freeze into some of the most beautiful, snowflake-looking configurations. 

(You decide which ones you’d rather drink.)

By harnessing the essential message of his words, than I can do the same thing with myself too.  After all, I like you am composed mainly of water, so whenever I choose to talk about myself, or think words even, those then must make some impact on me as a person.  In the name of detoxing, I want to let go of all of or as many of the negative words that I think about so that I can morph into a beautiful crystalline structure from the inside out.

I even went as far as to write, in permanent marker, on the bottom of my Bobble Water Bottle, the words that I felt I wanted to incorporate into my life the most at this moment. 

Drinking from it, I know that my Bobble is filtering out organic substances left over in my water, but the adjunct of knowing that my water is infused with Love, Peace, Open Heart and Compassion, well that just makes the experience better.  

So what do you think about Dr. Emoto’s experiments on water crystals?  Do you think that it is logical to believe that something as simple as water can be influenced by something as powerful as a word?  And isn’t it a kinda weird coincidence that the guy who discovered this interplay of emotions on water has a last name like Emoto…… just sayin’!

Let me know, and in the meantime I’m going to think up other ways, hopefully just as interesting, to detox this month as I get ready to kick into a higher gear with Urban Minerals.