Day 57: Gaia the Spaceship

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

In life I hope to achieve one thing, and that is to make people feel good about themselves. I also would like to see the Earth and all of her many wonders become the focus of education and rational thought. These things are important to me because I connect intensely with this planet, and I love it for all of what it has to offer, everything that is just naturally here, in plain sight. 

One of my favourite theories in environmental thought has to be the Gaia Theory. James Lovelock coined this term in the 1970s to describe planet Earth as a self-regulating system, one in which the Earth itself has grown and evolved to work seamlessly with all it’s integrated parts to maintain homeostasis ie. internal stability. Pretty cool right? If you think about it, it’s like were all on a big, self-regulating space ship - but that’s an idea for another time. 

All I want to say is that I think that working towards a fundamental shift in how we treat this planet not only benefits us, but also benefits the system that we can’t live without, which in turn benefits us, which benefits all of the plants and animals around us and including us…See what I did there?

I want people to recognize that we could REALLY have it all going on if we just realized our own potentials to do so without the Earth pulling an abort mission on us… (k, bad climate change joke, I know)

So please, today, try to change one choice that you make (in keeping with the detox theme) and make it count. 

Let’s hope it sticks!