Day 6: Anticipations and Enjoying the Unexpected

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Today is a day of anticipation.  Anticipation for the next steps and what comes next.  I have a long list of things to do and each one will take its own time to come to fruition.  I’m guessing this is just a full scale life practice for patience. 

The wise always say that if you rush through the process then the plan will lack a solid foundation.  Planning seems to be all that I’m doing these days and yet I’m starting to get the small senses of fulfilment, even if those senses are just the scents on the air of the horizon.  This is the path and this is where I’m going and I know that I’m on my way.  It’s enough for now.

What makes this process wholly more enjoyable is the stuff that I get to do on a daily basis.  Like today for example, I made a trip to Value Village to find the perfect desk - although it didn’t entirely seem that way to begin with.  When I got to the store, I headed for the furniture section with my good friend Mishka.  We were both a little disappointed to see no passable winners, not even a nice Gramma side table.  But, by heading back up front, determination still intact, my dear friend spotted a table, covered up by a bright green Value Village table cloth, that was being used as a donation intake desk.  (No worries, it was for sale ;) lol)  It literally had good vibes all up in it!

Hardwood throughout, with a cross bar where I can place my feet when I’m thinking hard about something Urban or Mineral it really is exactly what I was looking for.  Leading up to today, I had made plans to buy something used so that I could fix it up to my specifications.  This would allow me to get something at a discounted price and ultimately contribute to the greater recycling and re-usability culture here in TO.  I guess good intentions are rewarded.

So with that I take my hat off to Value Village and their wonderful staff, without whom I would not be using a desk that has some of the best vibes I’ve ever felt.

PS. This stands as the second piece of furniture that my girl has helped me procure…so the lesson for today is ENJOY THE UNEXPECTED!