Day 61: Me, the Guinea Pig

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Last night I attended a very fun wedding that had a wonderful party vibe to it.  There was tons of good food, drinks and dancing and everyone there seemed to be in great spirits.  It was also my first full test run day of my new foundation.

I will openly and gladly admit that I am my very own guinea pig.  This means that every time I mix a new foundation, or as is the process for now, remix one to perfect the formula, I am using myself as the model along the way.  By doing this, I can really go to the lengths needed to make sure that I am meeting my own high standards (and let’s just say I have SUPER high standards)

So with that in mind, I took my foundation out on the town.  And boy did we have a good time.  

So far, I am happy with the colour that I’ve mixed.  It meets all of my tan, summer tone needs which is great.  It looks flawless on, in both indoor and outdoor lighting, and under direct sunlight, which is pretty cool too.  

But there’s one problem.  It’s too shiny.

So far I’ve gone back and adjusted my original formula once to try and correct the shiny outcome and I think I may not have adjusted enough for it.  Paraphrasing from something I’ve said before, I do believe shine to be a no-no.  It makes no difference if the product is perfectly colour-matched if you can’t remove the shine from it, by using a blotting paper.  

So back to the drawing board I go.  I go in full acknowledgment that this is a great way to go about my process and I would like to correct my mistakes as much as possible, wherever I may find them.  Like all women, I want to feel beautiful too.

So here’s to another day off soon, to remix and work it out.  It’s not a failure, it’s just a greater opportunity for success!  (Don’t give up!)