Day 62: Outside Validation ain't All Bad

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So today, I had 2 different people compliment me on my knowledge of all of the products in the section. This made me feel so good about myself and my ability to learn, for obvious reasons. 

I guess it’s nice to get confirmation that you’re doing something right. Whether it be training a puppy (like my boyfriend is currently doing with his puppy, Peanut, who is learning to make good eye contact) or expanding your knowledge of hair loss products which I did today, just knowing that others recognize your awesomeness can go a long way to showing yourself that you’re on the right track. 

Its not always necessary but sometimes it feels good to get that validation even though pop culture dictates that it should come from within that feeling of approval. Whatever you believe just know that the approval coming to you is validation in and of itself. 

So here’s to another day to working towards a fuller understanding of the world around us. 

Is there anything that you feel you’re kicking ass at? Anything that people are noticing about you, complimenting you on, or realizing you are knocking outta the park? Lemme know!