Day 64: Getting Sick is Immaterial to Success

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

The wonderful downside of working in a place that caters to the Whole Body, is that on occasion, you’re going to get sick.  Today that means that because I have a sore throat, I don’t have the impetus left in me to pull out all my mixing materials and to get back at it (which is probably a good thing, because I know I sure don’t want to walk around with germs on my face).  It’s only a shame because I had ideas for how I wanted to mix today and those will now have to wait.  

But, all is not lost.  By virtue of the fact that this is a sole proprietorship, I am charged with doing everything myself.  Which in today’s case, means that I have other sh*t to do.  

I want to spend the remainder of my morning and the early afternoon writing material for my new website, that will hopefully be launching sometime in the next few months.  I get to write all of the About me stuff, Urban Minerals Philosophy, Why I do What I do, and so on.  It should be interesting to say the least.  

Just because I can feel myself fighting something off doesn’t mean that I’m going to write today off.  If anything, I hope to accomplish just as much, with a little more bravado, because I can tell that I may need to make myself feel better.  I may give myself Reiki at some point too (I have my Level I Reiki Certification, which means that I can channel Universal Love Energy to others and myself).

So with that, I sign off today.  But just so you know and for your own cold busting remedies, I took two drops of Oil of Oregano (a powerful germ killer), 1000mg of Vitamin C last night, made myself a Green Tea this morning, and added my Kombucha to it with a teaspoon of honey, and later on I think I’m going to roast some garlic, which is a natural cold buster in and of itself.  

Think healthy thoughts!