Day 71: Nerd-ing Out, Harcore

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So today is my day off and you what that means! A day to work on Urban Minerals!


I love these days, because I get to feel like I’m being proactive.  This is great especially in light of how challenged I’ve been feeling lately when it comes to my mixes and business structure, and all that jazz.

So instead of mixing, which I missed out on last week, due to my cold, I ear marked today as a day to research and get my to do list under control.  One of the best to do list strategies I’ve heard in a while, is to keep your list as sweet and short as possible. 3 items max, if possible even.  The reasoning is owed largely to two things.  As humans, we are pretty sucky at multitasking, or rather giving our undivided attention to more than one thing at a time (our brains can only switch back and forth between ideas, and then we’re left up shit creek because we haven’t really been focusing on anything of real value) and also if things are left with loose ends, because we’ve been busy being master multitaskers, we’re left feeling like we haven’t accomplished anything, at all, ever, in the history of life.

(Or at least that’s how I feel, and people with OCD too.  No judgment, just sympathy…)

That’s why a lot of time management experts will suggest to keep your list down to a few things that can actually be accomplished throughout your day, so that by closing time you’re feeling a greater sense of worth and happiness with all of your actions and life somehow just seems more colourful.

I like also giving myself a reasonable list and putting little check mark boxes beside each items.  You would not believe the sense of gratification and awesomeness one person can derive from checking that box.  Good lord.

So today, I have a small yet manageable list of things to do, which I’ve already accomplished (mostly just mailing off a few things, and printing a few things out) and general research.  I’m at the point in my journey where I’m fairly comfortable with my foundation base formula (pre-iron oxides aka the colour).  So to maximize that particular base, I’m starting my general research sweep of a about 14 ingredients that are piquing my interest these days.  I want to evaluate each ingredient based on a few criteria, namely, what kind of antioxidant levels it contains, whether it helps with the skins tone and texture, how it aids in coverage, if it’s smoothing, hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and non-comedogenic (non-pore clogging).  

These criteria are extremely important, because the makeup of today needs to look great and be functional too.  Also I would hope that you’re all reading the ingredient labels on the products your buying and can recognize all of the items listed there.  

Cuz the sh*t conventional brands are using be cray… 

I’m also going to my first Women’s Wellness Circle on the 27th, with my friend Daniela, to do some meditation, a little light yoga or energy work (not sure yet) and go on a Wild Edible Tour, which is being held by an Herbal Pharmacists, Karen Stephenson - sooo right up my alley!  I can’t wait to learn about plant varietals that grow right here in the GTA and Green Belt (the area just north of Toronto, that is super nutrient rich because of the glacier that used to reside here, and that deposited tons of minerals into our soil - lucky us.)  This will inform a lot of my decisions, hopefully, and maybe if all goes well, I can do some more networking to source ethical and local plant extracts.   Can’t wait!

So yeah peoples, wish me luck, I’m all sorts of excited to get down to work on something I love.  How bout you?  Do you have anything going on in your life that you’re nerd-ing out about hardcore?  Lemme know!