Day 74: Loving the Work You Do

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Loving what you do is one of the simplest ideas out there that I feel the majority of us never get to feel. I don’t want to lambast anyone, but I personally feel like people who never go for their dreams are seriously missing out.

I have a few friends who are caught in the make do right now thing and I know a lot of people who’ve gone for their dreams and failed. And it’s like those experiences are just there to teach you something. Obstacles are meant to be hard. They’re put in place as a growth mechanism and it’s really up to you to go for it and get over the wall or perish.

Ive always felt like life is a wonderful gift. One that’s meant to be shared. And what’s more, you have a wonderful gift to share with others that’s only unique to you. There’s no one out there who’s exactly like you, and while you may come across your doppelgänger in this lifetime, that person may only share your looks, not what’s truly important on the inside.

So please, recognize what the most beautiful parts of yourself are (by checking in with your talents and the things that make you feel naturally happy and make you go “I wish I could get paid to do this”) and let them out into the world. You will find true happiness there.