Day 76: A Final Detox

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So today I started a detox kit from Renew Life as a final step in my September detox month. And I’m kind of excited.
I decided to do a 7 day kit because I want to end my month long detox on a high note. Ive progressively been feeling better mentally, physically and emotionally and as an interesting side effect, spiritually too.  I guess by taking the last step to do a full on detox kit Im looking to scrape out any crap that is left over.
In this particular kit, the main idea is to support the liver and digestive organs while also helping to, ahem, move things along. The liver in Ayurvedic tradition is the house of all of the fiery emotions like jealousy, anger, irritability, will power and courage.   I want to try to weed out and release as much of these emotions, because in excess, I’ve found that I fall out of my own personal balance and I really don’t like how that feels when it happens.  I see this as a necessary part of life because to me, if you don’t eliminate the negative, than what are you truly left with? 
I read a great quote this morning on my way into work, by Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of England who was in power during World War II.  He said “For myself, I am an optimist - it does not seem to be much use being anything else.” And this I find to be both encouraging and liberating.  I like the sentiment of optimism because optimists have a deep unerring sense that their goals and visions will come to light, something I try to practice on the regular. I also find it encouraging because it helps to remind me that optimism is possible no matter what. If Winston Churchill could find optimism throughout the second world war and live to tell the tale, than what’s not to say that I can’t optimistically go through a detox kit and beyond to make my business a success.
The more positivity and good vibes I can pack into my business means the greater happiness I can derive from my inevitable success.  I want to operate in a world where success is the obvious outcome of hardwork and ethical conduct.  I will work towards that everyday. 
How bout you?