Day 77: Taking a Day Off

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Today I feel like taking the day off. Don’t you ever? It’s a typical Wednesday, much like any other, but today feels like a day to gain some perspective and composure. I’m not physically staying home from work, I’m just allowing myself some headspace and a step back for a moment to think about my next steps.

I believe it to be necessary to the process of building a business that every once in a while you take some time for yourself, to enjoy and just relax into life. If you don’t you might find yourself one day at 80 and have very little to look back on. A cautionary tale nobody wants to wake up in.

The optimist that I am, knows this to be the truth. And as I want to listen to that internal voice, I’m giving myself full permission to go and do something fun. My prerogative is telling me to go to go bowling tonight with friends, something I haven’t done In ages.

Maybe out on the lanes I’ll be able to find some inspiration about my business and how to hit a strike. (lol)

So with that, do you ever feel like taking some time off? Like you deserve a day to reboot? Or some fun? Like you want to feel like a typical 25 year old?

If so, let me know!