Day 79: Cutting Old Growth

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So today has been quite a good day so far.  I got up relatively early and went and got a hair cut, which let me just say, does count towards my detox for the month.  If you think about it for a second, every so often it is important to prune the old growth in your life so that new growth can take place.  Just like a plant.  And from a physiological stand point, cutting the ends of the hair actually help to strengthen the whole hair shaft and allows the body to redistribute energy that has otherwise been sent to dead ends (but technically all your hair is already “dead”.)  I had such a good appointment too because I was given the opportunity to talk about Urban Minerals with my stylist and share some new knowledge that I gained from last nights Wild Edibles tour.  Very cool experience, and yet another wonderful example of how the Universe is sending me positive people along my path.

Tonight, I’m going to the Calvin Harris concert (an awesome artist who does electronic type funk and disco - in a word - AWESOME.)  I can’t wait to dance and let loose, because after this week of detoxing and going into early next week, I have a lot to get done.  But that’s just life.

I hope that through everything I’m learning I can get more insight into my mixes, and also take time to just live my life and be happy too.  And oh ya I just love that fall feels like it’s truly here.  I have a fall bucket list that I’m going to be doing with my boyfriend which I’m truly excited about.  It features such wonderful things like
: apple picking, making leaf art, go on a hay-ride, have a photoshoot in a leaf pile, corn maze, bake pies, etc.  I will share the photo I have of it, so that if you want you can do it too!

For now, I’m off to enjoy the rest of my night.  When I have time I will share with you all of the great info I got from the Wild Edibles tour, because let me tell you there are some really good ideas for salads and teas and for free too!

Have a great weekend everyone!