Day 81: Farewell Detox, You've been a Doll

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So today serves as the very last day for my September long detox month.  And my oh my, has it been worthwhile in all the right places.

I started this month thinking I wanted to do a simple detox to get my body and mind set to rev into a higher gear with Urban Minerals, with developing my formula and researching everything in between.  

What has ensued since then has been so much more.

Over the course of the last 30 days, I feel like I’ve shed 5 pounds from eating better, my mind feels clearer and better organized, my emotional state is much happier with the influx of so many good things happening in my life and also spiritually I feel a new pep in my step.  And you wouldn’t think that all of these benefits would be derived from the simple, easy to do steps that I carried out, but in the right doses I guess they just work.

I did things that felt right to me.  So to begin I cut down on drinking caffeine, when I felt it necessary, so fewer black teas, less pop and instead I drank a Citrus Slim Green Tea from Yogi Tea’s (the link goes to all of their Green Teas, because the Citrus Slim is an older product) and a TON of water.  Physically and mentally that did wonders for my energy levels and got me closer to an energy base line that I was comfortable with.  It also, believe it or not, changed my taste buds a little to not need as much sugar in my diet, always an added bonus.  I also started drinking Kombucha, a fermented black tea which creates organic acids in your gut that are good for your liver, as well as enzymes and probiotics that keep your tummy healthy and help you process your food easier.  

Spiritually and metaphysically, I think I really just became way more clear about the impacts that negativity has on my life and on my ability to manifest positive outcomes.  So to begin, I researched Dr. Emoto, the man who discovered that negative and positive words do have a strong correlation to the crystalline structures of water.  This led me to continually christen my bottles of water with permanent black marker and add words that I felt best directed how I wanted my whole body, which is comprised of 97% water, to feel.  Words like Love, Compassion, Truth, Open Heart, and Happiness became the words that I drank up and with increased vigor.  And also because August 31st was the Blue Moon and last night was a Harvest moon, I did my own meditations to help myself come to terms with a lot of personal issues surrounding success and my personal life and release a lot of old baggage that has just been holding me back.  

Which led me to realize that getting into a higher gear physically had as much to do with my diet as it did with thinking deeper to all of the things I’ve digested in the past.  So I started the Total Body Rapid Cleanse from Renew Life and I finish that in 2 days.  This cleanse kit is a 3 part program where you take a supplement to help with Liver & Organ support, drink fibre twice daily to get extra regular, and then take another supplement at night time for Colon support. That alone has made ALL the difference to my body and my skin.  I feel lighter, and my body is flushing all of these toxins that it’s been holding on to for god knows how long.  It’s a smelly business truthfully, but each time shit goes down (pardon the pun, I couldn’t help myself) I get to say good bye and actually mean it. 

Through all of this wonderful positivity that each of these steps has brought me, I somehow lucked into takng part in the Canadian Health Food Association trade show and conference and the Newmarket area Women’s Wellness Circle’s Wild Edibles Tour, which have both left me feeling fuller to the brim than ever before with holistic approaches to diet, health, knowledge out the wazoo and more samples of cool products than I know what to do with.  As such, I’ve been able to start taking MegaFoods Skin, Nails & Hair formula, which has my skin looking fresh to death and their Un-Stress formula, as well as Botanica’s Holy Basil for stress when I feel the need for them, which I got for free.

The lessening of stress led me to make some more important steps in my financial life and get really clear about what I’m saving for other than retirement and fun stuff.  I’ve gotten so many good tips from fellow friends, and through freaking myself out a time or two in the past, I’ve really made certain things automatic when they should proof and fool proof to keep dumb mistakes away.  Rightfully so.

And finally, yesterday I gave myself a mini-facial at home, and today I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on having flawless skin, which let’s face it, a girl can never have enough of.  I don’t usually feel like my skin is flawless because I’ve gone through what can only be called a renaissance of my highschool years since stopping pharmaceutical BC and my skin has been taking a beating for the last year and a half.  So, with the shed layer of skin, I actually feel pretty again, renewed and shiny from the inside out.  It’s cheesy to say it like that, but how can you argue when the results are so evident and from just investing one hour in myself.

Sooo, at the end of one month’s worth of detoxing, all I can say is, if you haven’t been following along, maybe now is the perfect time to go for it.  You can take any of the steps that I took, or you can fine tune your process to best meet your needs.  We’re all different, and these are just the things that have worked amazing wonders for me.  

I can’t rave enough about how my world has been turned upside down, and yes through detoxing you do release a lot of anger and just crap in general that in the moment doesn’t feel so nice, but after it’s gone, you won’t be looking back.  Now is the time to do it folks because let’s be honest, you could use it, right?

So, let me know if you’ve found any of these steps useful or interesting.  I know this is a long post to take in, but then again 30 days is a lot of moments to cram into one post.  I hope that this inspires you to try your own detox and let go of some stuff that’s of no service to you anymore.  I can only say that it will be wonderful, because it worked so freaking well for me.

From here on out, I plan to bring this energy forward into my formula development, with a greater sense of confidence that rivals all that came before…

Watch out world!