Day 82: K.I.S.S. - Keepin' It Stupid Simple

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Happy October everyone!

I hope that September treated you well and this month is the start of something wonderful for you.  For me today, I can be so up beat because I went and did something that has been weighing on my mind a little for some time now.  I went and got my business banking all set up.

I say weigh on my mind not because I’m afraid of taking the steps necessary to launching a successful company, but more so because my behaviours and ingrained ideas surrounding money have in the past all been skewed by fears about not having enough.  And with the influx of new money from new job, that fortuitously has and continues to change.

I think that the moment that things started to really change for me was when I went last December to set up my RRSP and TFSA, two accounts that are set up in preparation for my eventual retirement.  What that did, was get me to realize how simple is it to save when it’s painless and automatic.  Thankfully, at the time I had the foresight to make those simple investments in myself, and on a low bi-monthly schedule, where I contribute only a nominal amount in a medium risk scenario.  This means that in the time it took me to set it up, I’ve somehow saved $1000 dollars, and without feeling it at all.  It’s K.I.S.S. approved - Keep It Simple Stupid… or how I like to say it, Keep It Stupid Simple (because au contraire, I don’t think your stupid at all.)

And along the way I’ve also changed how I spend my money, and actually started to pay myself first and pay down my credit card, because I don’t like the feeling of debt at all.  I want to feel true freedom in my finances and in my life so I started taking the two-prong approach.  I personally think it’s a terrible idea to not save a dime in lieu of paying down your debt.  You can save $10 a paycheck, heck even $5, while putting the majority of your expendable income towards your debt (OSAP in my case), and still have the freedom to do the fun things in life.  And I’ll tell ya, that’s way easier than waking up one day with no debt but also no savings.  Do both, because if you can, you should.

It was a good feeling, after almost a full year of trying to change my habits to go into my bank and have 2 different people tell me that I’m in good standing and that I have pre-approvals for various products.  That in and of itself makes me feel amazing, because it means that I can do anything I put my mind to and it only takes a little pain in the now to reap the benefits in the future.

So now I get to start managing my money from a greater perspective, because I know where I came from (and if you knew me just 2 years ago,  you would know it wasn’t pretty), and now I know where I’m going.  I want to always feel empowered, and I want the same for you.  If you ever felt like you didn’t have enough money, or enough this or that, than please do yourself a favour and start doing your research to change that feeling.  Chipping away at that fear isn’t going to be fun, but let’s face it, it’s wayyy more fun than when your 55, or 65, and going through the same thing.  Be present, be in the now, and just say KISS…Keep It Stupid Simple!