Day 85: Flip It

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So today I woke up feeling much better about life and far more balanced than I did last night. I actually made use of the warm weather and did the earthing exercise in my backyard that I wrote about (standing barefoot on the earth, and absorbing the grounding energy, which can have a very positive impact on your overall wellbeing) under the waning moonlight and also got in a moon salutation or two. This coupled with the fact that I put my new duvet cover on my bed, a deep espresso chocolate affair, really helped to switch my mood in the best way possible and with some feng shui flair. 

I found that by changing the energy of my space and of my mind, consciously, I was able to change how I perceived the energy around me. This is a fancy way of saying that I flipped it.  I did what I could to make things better on my end rather than sit in my unease like a dirty diaper.  

Also I didn’t realize it, but I had a few emails that needed sending and friends and fam to message who I’d been missing and these small things really do have quite the impact on my mental state.  By sending out emails and responses, texts and catching up i was able to get back to a good connected mental space that made me feel far more secure.  I’ve that I need to always feel like I’m staying on top of things to feel truly happy.  That is just my reality, something that I’m continuously working towards being fully aware of and it may or may not be similar to yours. 

Which leads me to wonder, do you have any small, insignificant or crazy things that if they don’t get done, you start to feel a little stir crazy?  Things that if you neglect for too long, you start to get that creeping anxious feeling?  Let me know!  I would love to hear about it and not feel alone. And if not, what are your best coping mechanisms? Those are always useful to hear and share with the community.