Day 91: Buyer's Remorse: The Battle Between Wanting & Needing

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So today I took myself shopping for a new pair of jeans at Winners and things quickly devolved into a buying-fest. Tell me if this story sounds familiar to you.

You go into a store that you like and always find nice stuff at, that always gets you compliments, intending to get only one item and walk out with 3 because they seemed too good to pass up.  However once you get them home and are ready to wear them, the pair of $50 boots that you felt you couldn’t live without suddenly turn out to be two different sizes…(and you can only laugh a half pitying, half disdainful laugh at yourself for your mistake and your buyers remorse.)

This is my life right now.

God, I hate buyers remorse.

One of my challenges in life I feel is spending well within my means. That means that if you don’t have the cash for it, DO NOT BUY IT.  I know that I possess the ability to say no, but once I get there, somehow logic flies out the window and is quickly replaced by the gimme gimmes. Not cool.

So in an effort to remind myself to shop smarter I think I’m going to have to return these boots. They may be fabulous but I can’t really justify buying them, especially not when I have other, more important things to buy with my hard earned cash.  I have to remind myself that there is a huge difference between want and need and today I fell into the former category.  I wanted those boots but I don’t need them because if I don’t get them Its not like I’m going to go barefoot.

And here’s a good reminder I once heard, which is if you can’t pay for it in cash (money you’ve saved up and can see in front of you) and afford to live, then you don’t own it anyways.  Hard but true.

God, sometimes I really dislike my own selfish need for honesty. It puts all my dirty laundry out there for you guys to read, but hey, this is my reality and the lesson learned is frugality in the name of the long run.

And I can’t exactly complain because I did still end up with a sick pair of jeans that I intended to buy for only $25 and a $5 shirt.  I don’t  think $30 is breaking the bank.

And in the name of staying green, I am going to donate a few of my old clothes that I no longer wear so that they can be reincarnated into a new life in someone else’s closet.

Which brings me to my question for you.  Do you have any shameful but true stories of buyers remorse? Or do you have any tips for spending smarter in the face of wanting things you dont actually need?  Coming clean with it only makes you feel better, trust me!