Day 94: To Regroup & Re-ground

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

I should just be explicit now and say that weekends throw off my groove.  And it’s because even though my life is pretty stable, as I do work on one weekend day a week, I still find it more trying to find the time to sit down and get my thoughts out here, on Urban Minerals, when there’s so much activity going on, things to do, places to go and people to see.

That being said I still love the weekends, and that’s because they give me the opportunity to see people as they should be, which hopefully means relaxed. Well today I want to incorporate that ideal into my day. I woke up feeling stressed out about certain aspects of my business and just feeling out of sorts about certain things in my life, and I think today makes as good a day as any to take things down a notch and regain some balance.

Days like this should happen more or less frequently depending on who you are. More if you like taking whole days to regroup but less if you think you should give yourself time on a regular, daily basis even to regroup. Whatever group you may fall in is irrelevant to the fact that any way you slice it, we all need time to ourselves to regain our composure and just look ahead.

So here’s to looking ahead and feeling awesome while I do it, especially on the weekend.

Also if you have any tips for getting grounded or regaining some balance, I would love to hear them. The more the merrier!