Day 95: A Fall Bucket List to Maximize Balance

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So today was the relax day that I needed yesterday, in full swing.  I got the opportunity to visit Chudleigh’s Apple Farm with my boyfriend Jess today, which we intended to visit to check a few items off our Fall Bucket list.  A fall bucket list is much like a regular bucket list - which is just a list of items you choose to see or do before you die, or in our case before the last leaf falls and winter officially sets in.  If you’re interested in doing one too, here’s the image that kick started our fortunate series of events.

Having the ability to do all of these things is so incredible, and I feel grateful to be able to go ahead and do them, whenever the moment feels right. Jess is also my number one adventure lover and partner in crime who encourages me to live on the wild side more often.

Which brings me to the reason why the bucket list came about.

As you know if you’re on the start-up track, or have guessed, creating a business takes a lot of your time.  That being said, there have been a ton of adjustments in how I spend my time, what I spend it on and why I give more time to certain things than others.  Through this gradual change in myself, which truthfully hasn’t been all that gradual, considering this is all so new, I’ve noticed that other areas of my life are getting a little left behind.  

By no means am I perfect, so I will come right out and say it that my relationship was the first to feel the majority of the stress from this new transition.  Not a good feeling for either of us, and one that has caused much stress in other parts of our lives.  Let’s just say that the word neglect has been used a few times, and that pretty much stopped me in my tracks.  I don’t want to treat him poorly or allow him to feel unimportant, so in one of my Pinteresting moments, I came across this wonderfully quintessential list and we pretty much immediately agreed to make it happen this fall.

And so far it’s been a blast.  We’ve checked having a photo shoot in a leaf pile, going to a pumpkin patch, 1 of our dates with plans for a second one next weekend, two nature walks and a hay-ride off our list.  And the cool part is, once you get going, the ideas just seem to keep flowing of where to go and how to execute.  We even picked up our pumpkins today to carve together for Halloween.  

I personally think something of this nature was a really great thing for us to do because of how many great memories, fun times and love for each other we’ve experienced.  And I don’t think we’ve laughed at or with each other this much in a while, lol.

The important thing I guess is that to feel successful in life and in your business, you have to be able to maintain a certain level of equilibrium and within that, a certain amount of balance.  If the balance falters then it quickly devolves into a domino effect in other parts of your life and things can then start to unravel quickly.  And being the enterprising young woman that I am, I wanted to stay ahead of the curve and keep proactive, once I learned of his true feelings about my time management skills.  

So, if you are on the start-up track and think that you need to add some oomph back to your relationships with partners, friends and family or life in general, I highly suggest this fall bucket list (or even just one or two items off it.)  Finding a balance can be hard when your an entrepreneur, but this is a great way to make it happen and in such a fun way too.

Good luck!