Day 96: Informed By Alkalinity

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Today I got the lovely opportunity to sit, have a wonderful lunch and hear one Dr. Peter Jentschura, speak about the body and its ability to heal itself through the power of alkalinity.  According to him, our bodies have over the course of modern societies addiction to acidic foods, slowly started to deteriorate.  And again according to him, we have the power to change this through the process of alkalinization.

If we go back to Grade 10 science, the whole world around us falls on the pH scale, a scale that measures how acidic or alkaline a substance may be.  Substances that are acidic are typically things like pop, salty vinegar-y foods, coffee and many others.  Whereas alkaline foods are more like milk.  Both have their pro’s and cons but the way that Dr. Jentschura explains it, we are naturally more alkaline at around an optimal pH of 8.5, and because of that, the more alkaline our bodies are, the healthier we are.

This idea plays a large role therefore in our health.  As humans we have three ways of eliminating the impurities in our bodies ie. excretion, depositing them into fatty deposits or structural damage to our bodies and we have to be aware of ways that our bodies are reacting.  Our bodies naturally will do anything to try and correct this imbalance, usually the most likely of which is leaching the key alkaline minerals in our bodies (think calcium, magnesium, silica) from our bones or depositing sites like our hair and skin, which can lead us to feel weaker and eventually develop osteoporosis, or have weak hair and breakage leading to hair loss or dull skin or skin that is prone to dryness or severe oiliness.  If and when we start to notice aches and pains, excessive sweating, itching, eczema, cellulite, then eventually more progressive ailments like cancers, dementia, alzeimhers, and then strokes and heart attacks, then we know that their is a definitely a significant link to the foods we are ingesting and the impacts they are having on us.  And I don’t want any one of you to feel this way.

Which is why all of this has obviously got me thinking about the ingredients that I’ve been researching for Urban Minerals.  I want to incorporate this idea of achieving optimal skin health through using ingredients that will encourage a balance in the skin through alkalinity.  If it’s true that we can all benefit from achieving this balance, than that means that I should be able to locate and pick good ingredients based off of that assumption.  

Either way you slice it, I’m excited.  I want to help people no matter what, and after seeing how acidity in the body has affected woman in particular - hair loss, cellulite, acne, stretch marks, weak hair, I know that if I can do my part to help, than I will.  I want Urban Minerals to leave your skin feeling and looking better, more balanced and radiant.  And no matter what I want my impact on the world to make women feel that way too, feeling a looking better, more balanced and radiant.

*Does air kick*