Earth Hour Feel Good!

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

When in doubt, do something that will make you feel awesome.  Which is exactly what I did tonight, by going to dinner with my two girlfriends, Mishka & Meghan at Fire on the East Side - the venue I`m checking out as the potential hot spot for Urban Minerals launch party - and did it ever make me feel good!

I`ve been looking far and wide for the perfect event space, and I`ve had a very specific idea of what I wanted in that venue.  Ideally, I wanted an outdoor space (because this is all going down June 21st) that`s eco-friendly, is located in downtown Toronto, was both Urban and Environmentally aware and had a great design ethic.  Well, tonight as soon as I walked into this place I knew I was home.  My goodness, did I ever!

The place is simply gorgeous, and made even more gorgeous by the fact that as we were getting down to our entrees, they turned off the lights for Earth Hour!!! Holy moly, what a freakin`AWESOME confirmation!  A restaurant that is plugged in enough to the cultural zeitgeist to know that it`s kosher to turn the lights off, has my back I feel. They even have a sweet patio too.  What`s more, the tour of the space that I`ll be using went very well and I can already picture how everything will look.  It`s just SO exciting!

So what`s the moral of the story kids? Put it out there, put it out there, put it out there!!  Once you do, and once you start looking for exactly what you want, there`s no doubt you will get it.  Exactly as you asked for.  Trust me on this one.

So with that, I`m off to do some packaging research and write some web content and prep for my design meeting tomorrow.  I couldn`t be happier in this moment and that`s why I want to do work on it now, so I can have the highest, most beneficial results possible!

Goodnight my loves, enjoy your weekend!