Giving and Receiving

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

My goodness, what a whirlwind of a weekend. I somehow got an amazing hookup to go see a huge electronic band - Swedish House Mafia - and enjoy the epic Toronto vibe that ensued. Going into it I was just so happy to be with my lovely ladies that I really did have a keen sense of balance. What a great feeling.

Moving on from that moment, I actually found someone’s clutch on the ground and today I returned it to her. I feel like that’s definitely some good karma right there, for both her and I. You can never have too much good karma I always say (lol I’ve actually ever said tat before, but that’s not a half bad saying.)

I also felt really excited today because I finally received the last of my 3 ingredient shipments in the mail and am now ready and prepped to hand them over to my chemical engineer. An exciting time this is indeed.

Going into this new week, I really feel as though progress is going to be made. This is a week of moving forward in all areas for Urban Minerals, what with the formulation underway, branding moving along, business plan writing and grant finding, heck this is a wonderful time to be alive. I can say wholeheartedly that I’m looking forward to it all and I’m just really open to receiving whatever the benevolent universe has for me.

Oh ya! And my countdown to the start of Marie Forleo’s BSchool is officially on! 16 days and counting till apparently my whole life is going to change! It’s kind of amazing guys and between you and I, I can’t wait. It’s already turning out to be a huge blessing. I’ve already had one person from the program reach out to me to offer me support, and heck of course the feeling is mutual. My focus is definitely on giving as much as I’m receiving and that right there is what is motivating me to keep going.

It’s happening!