Grey Day Customer Service

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Customer service is one of the most important parts of a business outside of the actual product or service. If ever you decide to start a company make sure that your policies are geared towards customers and not against them.

Essentially I was just given very poor customer service. I hesitate to say that but there’s no way around it. Some companies need to get their priorities straight. This is mostly a sucky situation for me but the beautiful silver lining is the wonderful lesson I got to learn first hand. Feeling the pain of a customer poorly treated makes me want to never and I mean never, ever, make someone else’s life a living hell. So not worth it.

I feel like having the customer service experience I’ve had to this point has well equipped me to sympathize with those who are given a raw deal and to really want to help others. I take what happens to me as a blessing in disguise. Even though in the moment it wasn’t so great to feel devalued and go unheard, I now feel prepared to be vigilant of not doing that to others.

And that’s a promise.

So with that I’m off to pack for my trip tomorrow to Calgary and then Vancouver to see my dear friend Leila, and also contemplate the ins and outs of a strong customer service strategy. What a compelling way to end a grey day!