Happy December & A Big Announcement for 2015!

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Happy December everyone!

First things first, I would love to offer you our awesome holiday discount code!  This merry shopping season, plug in code Holiday2014 when purchasing any order of our Loose Mineral Foundation and enjoy 25% off for the entire month of December!  Order before December 11th here in Canada (December 8th for our beautiful US friends) and you’re guaranteed to get your gift before the 25th!  It was a great suggestion from my dear friend Bee that they make adorable stocking stuffers!

Now onto some really exciting news that I’ve been patiently waiting to announce!


It’s official.  I’m taking a sabbatical from Urban Minerals to take a Round the World trip…!

Holy moly!  (I know right…)

But before I go any further I want to assure you of 2 very important things.

1) Urban Minerals will always be available for purchase - 2015 and beyond.  I would never leave the country without first ensuring that my awesome customers are taken care of.  So to make this transition as easy as possible, I’ve partnered with the amazing people at Top Tag to take care of Urban Minerals so you won’t even feel the shift :)


2) You will definitely be hearing from me while I’m away!  It probably won’t even feel like I’m gone at all.  Lots of photos and videos (!) will be coming down the pipeline to this here blog and to our new Youtube channel

So with those two housekeeping points outta the way, let me tell you a story…

When I started up Urban Minerals, as you may know, I set myself the goal to write a blog every day for a year (You can find all of that good stuff here & here).  A year from the date I registered my official business license, I was 365 entries deep, felt so much clearer on my process and somehow had accumulated a LOT of followers; people curiously reading about what my startup journey had become.  Happily, a love of writing had bloomed.

Since launching my brand and interacting with women became my modus operandi, I’ve written newsletters and blogs here and there, but nothing has met the scale of what I was writing when I set myself that initial goal.  And I guess having the goal to do it repetitively, in a manner that helps me to stay focused, is exactly what I’ve been yearning for.

Enter the idea to travel.

Since I was 15 years old, I’ve looked up to my big sister Leah, who has traveled the world (I’m serious guys, she is my travel role model!).  I always told myself I wanted to live at least one year of my life elsewhere.  Mostly I wanted to see the world (!) but also make an educated decision on whether Toronto was where I wanted to settle and live my life.  Lofty goal for a 15 year old, right?

Seeing as I’ve created a company and life here, perhaps I won’t be settling elsewhere, but checking out other places and spaces, what nature has to offer, is definitely on the roster.  As that initial idea has brewed for over a decade, I’m now faced with an epic, grace-filled opportunity to go for it.  Booking myself a Round the World ticket to visit all the places I’ve longed to see, I’ve decided now is the time to bring my love of writing to the fore.  The only details I can give you today are that my travels will take me in a full concentric circle of our globe and the book I will write will give me the opportunity to ask people important questions about nature, beauty and sustainability.

You will be the first to see all the updates right here, as I couldn’t possibly do any of this without your amazing support.  Check back soon for a list of my official stops on this incredible journey!

As I leave in the early days of January 2015, please join me in making this holiday season the best one yet!

With so much holiday love and global spirit!

Sarah Devika

Founder & CEO